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For the Parents


As a mother, my children are both my love affair and the source of my greatest panic. Although my daughter is still in elementary school, it is hard to watch her grow up knowing that someday, too soon, she will leave home. Soon, she will be outside the confines of my daily protection and guidance. I am certain that if she is anything like every other teenager, she will know everything and I will know nothing. When our daughters leave the house, we all hope that we have raised confident, capable young women who believe in themselves. We want to know that we have provided them with the right kind of experiences and opportunities that will help her to make wise choices and a good life for herself.

At Kelly Anne Style, we know how important it is for our daughters to have a healthy self-image. The young women that come to Kelly Anne Style are already talented, accomplished and, in our opinion, some of the most passion-driven girls in the country. They are dreamers, doers and accomplishing big things. We provide senior girls a senior portrait experience that fosters confidence in who she is and we have a really great time doing it! Whether your daughter is naturally a beauty queen with impeccable style, or she is the girl who feels completely uncomfortable wearing a dress, she is a teenage girl and needs to believe in herself. Kelly Anne Style is the studio for her.

The Kelly Anne Style senior portrait experience is an experience. Your daughter will love it because we provide her with the stylish, unique, feminine and “more mature” experience that she is craving. (Some call it the “model” experience.) Even the girls who think they hate being in front of the camera or in the spotlight wind up loving it. And you’ll love it because you receive tasteful, stylish and natural portraits that you will be proud to hang on your wall and show family and friends. In the words of a past Kelly Anne Style client:




Yes, senior portraits are only one piece of a very exciting, busy and emotional time in your daughter’s life—her senior year. However, Kelly Anne Style is more than a senior photography business. It is our goal to provide your daughter with the extraordinary experience of feeling, seeing and believing in her own beauty. Experience Beautiful is so much more than a ‘catch phrase’ for Kelly Anne Style it’s a mission statement that we believe in, passionately and whole-heartedly.

The professional staff at Kelly Anne Style is here to ensure both you and your daughter feel completely comfortable and prepared for the session by providing outstanding personal attention throughout the process.

Your daughters inspire us, and we can’t wait to work with you, and look forward to helping your daughter Experience Beautiful.