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About Kelly


Back when I was a family and child photographer, I had a conversation with our high-school babysitter that changed everything. She told me about the pressures of maintaining a high GPA so that she would be accepted into a good college, her worries about the future, her commitment to her dance squad and her struggle with her mother about cleaning her room. I saw a girl reaching for her dreams, but feeling overwhelmed. I wanted to capture that inspiring fresh-faced girl because I saw myself in her and wanted her to succeed. By photographing her, I could give her the proof that her hard work mattered and that she made me proud.

A few days later, I photographed her wearing a drill team uniform, standing in front of a school bus parked in front of a local pizza joint and my life would never be the same. That’s the day that my dream to establish a high school senior boutique photography studio, Kelly Anne Style (KAS), was born.

It wasn’t easy to convince the senior market crowd to give the ‘new girl at school’ a chance. I offered free shoots, tried networking with the babysitter’s friends and even struck up conversations with random girls in the Target cashier’s line. Despite the initial lack of response, I never gave up on my dream. One day, the coach from the local drill team called saying she’s seen my sitter’s photos and requested squad officer portraits for the football program. High school girls and their families finally saw my talent and invited me to sit at their ‘lunch table’. Almost two years later, KAS was booked a year in advance based solely on client referrals.

High school seniors and their families book with KAS because we are all dreamers. Every single one of my clients is a bright, talented, accomplished, inspiring young woman. Spending time with them keeps me focused on my own dreams. I am honored to be one more voice in their lives that celebrates and cherishes the opportunity to say, “I believe in you.”

Follow your dreams,

Kelly Anne